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All Team

Melvin Milon


Marquis Mathis

Project Manager

As CEO of Ex-Kalibur Trading Co, LLC Ms. Marquis Mathis largely responsible for the daily business operations & creating marketing strategies,

Luis Reis

Founder/COO Chief Operations Officer

Luis Reis is a proven leader and developer with an extensive track record of success in launching and supervising numerous enterprises dedicated to enhancing human health along with overall well-being.

Dev Bhardwaj

Founder Daksh BioSciences India & JV Partner Ex-Kalibur Trading LLC

Dev Bhardwaj is a seasoned database architect who has been instrumental in creating various desktop and mobile applications, with 22 years’ experience in the industry.

Andrew Eyoh Edjua (Ph.D)

President of East Africa operations

Barry F Davis

Founder/COO Chief Operations Officer

As a seasoned Logistic Professional for over 20 years, Barry Davis was educated at Eastern Arizona College.