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  • Vericide – Leaf curl virus, Leaf Spot virus, Alterneria, Marsonina , powdery mildew.
  • EcoCert & IFOAM Certified– a Botanical & herbs Extracted liquid. (currently exporting to Japan)
  • Neem Oil (Bio Pesticide & Insecticide) –Concentration:1500ppm, 3000ppm, 10000ppm to be used in Integrated pest management as insecticide & pesticide for all insects, pests and mites’ management.
  • Nano HMO – Nano Technology based Horticulture Mineral Oil used in vegetables and fruit crops mostly to avoid scale, European red mites.
  • Fungicides– Organic powder form fungicide to manage all fungal diseases of crops.
  • Trichoderma & Micho Rahiza Virdie– to effectively manage plant and crops roots and to control root rotting etc.