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The Future of Agriculture

Excalibur Global Trading LTD

why we're important

Excalibur Global Trading is focused on advancing sustainable agriculture and community development worldwide. It has a large footprint, with member countries in all parts of the world, and a diverse workforce representing over 180 countries. The organization is unique in its collaborative synergy across five distinct institutions, all of which are committed to implementing sustainable solutions to alleviate poverty and nurture the collective prosperity of nations.

Here are some specific reasons why Excalibur Global Trading is important:

Excalibur Global Trading Ltd is an important player in the global fight against poverty and hunger. It is working to create a more sustainable and equitable world for all.

who we are

EXCALIBUR GLOBAL TRADING LTD is a global consortium dedicated to strengthening the financial health of the Agricultural Crop food chain. The company does this by promoting sustainable organic land development and the voluntary migration worldwide of skilled workers, in collaboration with people of African descent around the world, as well as people of goodwill from all walks of life.

EXCALIBUR GLOBAL TRADING is committed to sustainable development. It seeks to surpass existing initiatives in ensuring food chain security. EXCALIBUR GLOBAL TRADING prioritizes the promotion and well-being of its employees’ economic, social, and psychological factors, including education, medical care, job security, and related securities. This has a significant socioeconomic impact and strengthens the global food chain financial health. EXCALIBUR GLOBAL TRADING also produces high-quality organic agricultural goods and services, adopts fair trade practices, contributes to the general welfare of society, and provides social amenities.

Excalibur Global Trading LTD



Excalibur Global Trading Ltd, a world-renowned leader in the field of sustainable agricultural and community development, operates across an extensive array of development sectors. Our versatile approach includes a wide range of financial tools and technical assistance, enabling nations to share and apply pioneering knowledge and inventive solutions to effectively tackle the diverse challenges they confront. Our commitment to originality ensures the delivery of plagiarism-free solutions in the pursuit of sustainable development goals.


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World Offices

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Our Services


Farm And Ranch Management Solutions

Agriculture with a new perspective


F.A.R.M.S. uses an artificial intelligence and agricultural technology based real-time information method for land and crops to aid in improving yield, efficiency and profitability. This practice assists in forecasting crop yield for our bulk buyers, modern trade, food processing and exporters with supply chain management solutions at cost effective pricing, in addition help project date of sowing or date of flowering to date of harvesting and yield
Combining agriculture with technology-based practices, we’ve developed a system that analyzes soil, leaves and water then provides all-organic products to restore soil to fertilization. Our products address various issues i.e., insects, pests and fungal disease as well as rusting and fruit/vegetable elongation.


Soil, leaf and water
analysis and diagnostics

Crop maintenance using artificial intelligence

Crop fertilization using
drone technology

Crop harvest outsourcing with regenerative processes

Our Agricultural Company

We’re a World-Leading Provider of Organic Products


Crop Protection

Crop Protection

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Plant Stress Management

Plant Stress Management

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5G Liquid Organic Nano Technology based Fertilizer

5G Liquid Organic Nano Technology based Fertilizer

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Phosphate – 3 products

Phosphate – 3 products

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Potassium – 3 products

Potassium – 3 products

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Granule Seaweed based bio enhancer fertilizer

Granule Seaweed based bio enhancer fertilizer

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Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Melvin Milon is the visionary and founder of Excalibur Global Trading Company LTD.

Melvin Milon


Professional Masters Corporate Communication

Dr. Andrew Eyoh Edjua specializes in International Corporate Communication

Andrew Eyoh Edjua (Ph.D)

President of East Africa operations

JV Partner Ex-Kalibur Trading LLC

Dev Bhardwaj is a seasoned database architect who has been instrumental in creating various desktop and mobile applications,

Dev Bhardwaj

Founder Daksh BioSciences India

Road Alert Systems LLC

Luis Reis is a proven leader and developer with an extensive track record of success in launching and supervising numerous enterprises

Luis Reis

Founder/COO Chief Operations Officer

choose organic products

Our Crop is Grown with Great Care and Love for Nature

100% Organic

Corn wheat soybeans tomatoes sweet potatoes bananas onion beets yams plantains assorted beans apples grapes strawberriesCorn wheat soybeans tomatoes sweet potatoes bananas onion beets yams plantains assorted beans apples grapes strawberries

High Quality

E Ali t Organic farming yields such vital benefits as preservation of soil’s organic composition. Excalibur Organic farmers utilize practices that: Maintain and improve fertility, soil structure and biodiversity, and reduce erosion Reduce the risks of human, animal, and environmental exposure to toxic materials Fine-tune farming practices to meet local production conditions and satisfy local markets and globally

Excalibur advances the field of organic agriculture by encouraging work that includes: Facilitating development of organic agriculture production, and processing methods Evaluating potential economic benefits to producers and processors Exploring international trade opportunities for organically grown and processed products Determining desirable traits for organic commodities Identifying marketing and policy constraints on the expansion of organic agriculture Conducting on-farm research and development that emphasizes observation of, experimentation with, and innovation for working organic farms Developing new and improved seed varieties suited for organic agriculture Developing educational tools for agricultural Excalibur professionals who advise producers on organic practices Facilitating and improving organic agricultural practices.

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